Our energy from waste proposal

Amey was surprised disappointed that its planning application for an Energy from Waste facility at Waterbeach Waste Management Park was refused by Cambridgeshire County Council’s planning committee.

The proposals had been extensively assessed by council officers from various professional disciplines and, as a result, was recommended for approval.

Having spent a considerable amount of time reviewing its options, Amey has concluded that an Energy from Waste facility at the Waterbeach Waste Management Park is still the right solution for Cambridgeshire. In particular, the proposed location, adjacent to the county’s existing waste disposal facilities, is the most appropriate because all the county’s waste is processed on site currently; providing a unique opportunity for a one-stop waste processing and recycling shop.

The proposed Energy from Waste facility would help the county increase its recycling rates – which are currently declining - and reduce landfill whilst saving the county money and boosting its environmental credentials. Amey are also investigating an exciting Combined Heat and Power option for the Energy from Waste Plant, further enhancing its green potential, but this can only happen if the plant is located at Waterbeach.

Amey has therefore decided to submit an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate to overturn this decision and is confident that an inspector will support its case.

Once an Inspector has been assigned and the appeal registered, the Planning Inspectorate will write to the Waste Planning Authority requesting they contact all those individuals and organisations who made representation on the planning application, advising them how they can participate in the appeal process.

In due course, details of the appeal will appear on the Planning inspectorates web site https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/planning-inspectorate and guidance about the process can be found at https://www.gov.uk/topic/planning-development/planning-permission-appeals.


Amey is proposing to develop a new waste treatment facility at its Waterbeach Waste Management Park in Cambridgeshire.

A planning application has been submitted for the proposed facility, which would use waste from households and businesses to create electricity, heat or a mix of both – generating enough electricity to power the equivalent of 63,000 homes.

It would signify a £200million investment by Amey at Waterbeach, as well as create over 300 jobs during construction and operational phases.

You can read more about our proposal on these pages and also in our latest newsletter.

All information associated with the proposal will be made available by Cambridgeshire County Council at: http://planning.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/swift/apas/run/wchvarylogin.display (Select Search For a Planning Application’, enter the application number (S/3372/17/CW) in the ‘Planning Reference’ box and press search.)

You can find out how to contact us here.

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