Services for businesses

Amey takes a flexible approach to waste management and recognises the need to constantly adapt in an ever-changing market.

Through this flexible approach we can help our customers to meet their corporate social responsibility, environmental and legal commitments in the most cost-effective way.

Amey has a wide range of waste collection, storage, transport, sorting, recycling, treatment and disposal services that can be tailored to suit the individual needs of our business and trade customers – whether you’re a tradesman, retailer, manufacturer, school, healthcare facility or office.

We provide collection, recycling and disposals services for most types of waste, including catering/food waste, commercial growers’ waste, paper, glass, cardboard, garden and green waste, hardcore, bonded asbestos, soils and demolition waste.

Our services meet all Duty of Care requirements. We provide you with containers appropriate for your waste and we are a licensed waste carrier.

Contact our team on 01223 861010 to discuss your waste collection requirements and we’ll help you find the right solution for your business or organisation. 

Skip hire

We offer five different sizes of skips – so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Call our team on 01223 861010 to order a skip. They’ll need to know when and where you want it delivered and what type of waste you’ll be putting in it.

They’ll also check whether you’re placing the skip on or off the road (it will need a permit if being placed on the road).

Permits last for a maximum of 14 days and, in most cases, we can organise this for you with your local authority. Please allow us five working days to do this when ordering your skip.

Once our team has all the relevant information, they’ll be able to give you a quote and organise a delivery time.

You can pay for your skip by cash or credit card. Alternatively, if you’re a regular skip user, you can open an account with us.

All waste placed in skips is sorted at our Waterbeach Waste Management Park, where we aim to achieve 80% diversion from landfill by recycling as much as possible and putting green waste through our in-vessel composting facility.

Remember not to overload your skip (waste is not legally allowed above the top of the skip walls) and don’t place the following items in it – fridges/freezers, tyres, paint cans, televisions, asbestos, clinical/medical waste, fluorescent tubes, solvents, liquids, oil, batteries, large tree trunks and hazardous/toxic material. Plasterboard must only make up 10% of the total load.

Bin and container hire

We can supply an extensive range of waste containers – from small wheeled bins to larger rear end loaders and roll-on, roll-off containers.

Our wheeled bins range from 80 to 1,100 litre capacity, while our containers also come in various sizes – right up to a 40 yard roll-on, roll-off. We can provide one-off bin and container hire or longer-term arrangements, where we collect the waste from your site regularly.

If you contact our team on 01223 861010 we’ll be able to help you decide which bin, container and collection service is right for your needs. We’ll need to know where you want it delivered and what type of waste you’ll be using it for, and we’ll discuss how frequently you will want it emptied.

Construction, demolition and garden waste drop off

We provide a service which allows you to deliver your business waste directly to us for recycling and composting.

We offer an extensive construction, demolition and garden waste drop off, sorting and recycling service at our Waterbeach Waste Management Park. Builders and other tradesmen can dispose of their non-hazardous general and construction and demolition waste.

Concrete, brick and tile rubble and glass is recycled as secondary aggregates, while timber is recycled into chipboard, animal bedding or as a fuel in energy plants. Clean card is recycled as new cardboard, while soil is reused at the Waterbeach site for landfill restoration.

If you are a tree surgeon or landscape gardener and you are able to transport the green waste generated by your business, then we can turn this into soil improver.

With the exception of hazardous waste, our Alconbury waste transfer station also provides tipping facilities for all types of waste, including green waste, soil, building rubble, general rubbish or hardcore. Contact the site for further details and prices.


Our three waste transfer stations – at Waterbeach, Alconbury and March – offer customers an aggregates collection or delivery service. Businesses and residents can pick up a range of different materials including limestone, sands, gravels and type one road stone.