Community and education

We’re committed to being part of the community in North Yorkshire.

We have an on-site Education and Visitor Centre, which is able to offer talks, tours and activities for schools and community groups. See below for more information or check out our leaflet.

In addition, we run regular Local Liaison Committee meetings for stakeholders including local councillors, businesses and residents.

You can also look back at our construction archive to see how the facility took shape.


We can all do our bit to help the environment and here at Allerton Waste Recovery Park we encourage everyone to think about reducing, reusing and recycling their waste.

By reducing, reusing and recycling we can cut the impact of our carbon footprint.

Why don't you make a pledge to stop using carrier bags, plastic straws or single use plastics. 

You can make your pledge on our special site here - we'll be adding up how much COwe could save over a year by making small changes!