Here you will find information about the wider benefits that Allerton Waste Recovery Park is delivering including the amount of waste it will treat and energy it will generate as well as the employment opportunities it will generate.

What are the benefits of Allerton Waste Recovery Park?

The new facility is cutting the amount of household waste being sent to landfill by at least 90%, diverting more than 230,000 tonnes of York and North Yorkshire’s waste from going to landfill each year.
The facility enables North Yorkshire County Council and City of York Council to avoid higher landfill costs and the financial penalties being given to councils who fail to act on landfill issues. This is turn will save local residents from a potential rise in council tax.
Allerton Waste Recovery Park:
•    Extracts 20,000 tonnes of materials each year from black bag waste that can be recycled
•    Processes 40,000 tonnes of food and organic waste to generate renewable energy each year (Based on Office of National Statistics data for the region).
•    Creates energy from leftover waste – enough to power at least 40,000 homes

How does the facility benefit the local community?

A key feature of the Allerton Waste Recovery Park will be the interactive visitor centre which is open to local people as well as schools and community groups.

As well as providing an opportunity to find out more about what happens to the waste they put into their bins, visitors can learn more about reducing, reusing and recycling their waste.

How many jobs will it create?

Allerton Waste Recovery Park is providing full time employment in a range of roles for around 90 people. More than 400 people were involved at the peak of construction, which in turn brought an economic boost to the area.