Construction and operations

In this section you will find information about construction and operations and the type of waste Allerton Waste Recovery Park handles.

How long will construction take?

Construction began in January 2015 and the facility became operational March 2018.

What about emissions, odour and noise?

Allerton Waste Recovery Park is required to comply with the EU Waste Incineration Directive (WID), which imposes strict emission limits. Waste management facilities are strictly regulated by the Environment Agency. In addition to continuous monitoring of emissions, the EA regularly and independently checks and monitors the facility. Energy from waste facilities such as Allerton Waste Recovery Park are more strictly regulated than most other processes, including coal-fired and gas-fired power stations. 
The processes to be used on the site are fully enclosed. The buildings are designed to keep noise at an acceptable level. Odours are controlled by applying a slight vacuum throughout the buildings.

Do you deal with hazardous waste?

No. Allerton Waste Recovery Park deals with household waste and a small amount of waste commercial waste. The plant has not been designed to take materials designated as toxic or hazardous. The Environment Agency has issued a permit which lists all the types of waste allowed to be dealt with at the site and there are strict controls with regard to the running of the facility.