Mechanical treatment

The household waste arriving at Allerton Waste Recovery Park initially passes through the Mechanical Treatment – or MT – area. Here, a series of conveyor belts take black sack waste through clever separating machinery which sort the rubbish.

The Mechanical Treatment part of the facility features two parallel operational lines. It is designed to treat efficiently any amount of waste up to 1,500 tonnes per day, with its normal operating capacity at approximately 1,000 tonnes per day.

It uses equipment including magnets, infra-red separators and eddy-current separators to pick out any remaining recyclable items, such as plastic bottles and metal cans and tins which have accidentally been thrown away. This means they can be reprocessed into new products.

The technology also separates food and biodegradable items and transfers them to the Anaerobic Digester.

The incoming waste will always contain materials which are either not recyclable or for which viable recycling markets do not currently exist.  Only these materials will pass to the energy from waste plant.