Recruiting now at AWRP

When operational, Allerton Waste Recovery Park will employ 70 people.

We are now starting a rolling programme of recruitment which will run through until late 2017 when we will have our full team in place.

The list below indicates when interviews will be held and the estimated starting dates for the various roles we will have on offer. If you are interested in joining the team and you haven't yet registered your interest, please click on the button at the right of this page to submit your details.

Role Interviews  Start date Status
 Compliance Manager  Jul/Aug 2016  Oct 2016 closed
 Asst Operations Manager  Jul/Aug 2016  Oct 2016 closed
 Shift Team Leaders  Aug 2016  Oct 2016 closed
 Asst Maintenance Manager  Sep 2016  Jan 2017 closed
 Snr Maintenance Technician  Sep 2016  Jan 2017 closed
 EC&I Technician  Oct 2016  Feb 2017 closed
 Mechanical Technician  Oct 2016  Feb 2017 closed
 Storesperson  Jan 2017  March 2017 closed
 Operator Technician (thermal)  Dec 2016  Mar 2017 closed
 Laboratory Technician  Jan 2017  Mar 2017 closed 
 AD Operator  Jan 2017  Mar 2017 closed
 Business Support Manager  May 2017  Dec 2017 open
 Day Operator  Feb 2017  May 2017 closed
 Shift Supervisor (MT)  Feb 2017  Apr 2017 closed
 Night Shift Cleaning Supervisor  April 2017  Dec 2017 closed
 MT Cleaners  April 2017  Jun 2017 closed
 Quality Control Sorters  April 2017  Jun 2017 closed