Community Engagement Plan

Amey's first three year Community Engagement Plan was launched in partnership with Peterborough City Council in 2011. The primary aim of the plan was to commit to investing in Peterborough’s community, while aligning to Peterborough City Council’s environmental, educational, employability, biodiversity and healthy living principles.

The current, second plan, launched in 2014, continues to add value and to support Peterborough’s community while helping to create better places to live, work and travel.

Additionally we wish to provide employment opportunities and support Amey’s key performance indicator to reinvest 3% of profits back into supporting communities and people. Because we help to deliver vital public services in Peterborough, the work we do has a huge impact on the communities we serve.

We therefore actively engage with residents, providing good communication and information and listening to local voices to help us plan our activities. We have a number of programmes to help us to achieve a greater impact on the local and wider community.